Code Generate C# Classes From Excel Header Rows
Version 1.7.0
1. Prepare your spreadsheet (save as .xlsx extension) and ensure you have a header row, and the column names make good property names. Download MemberData.xlsx to see an example.
2. Upload your spreadsheet and select the sheet to code generate a class for.
3. Type in a namespace for your project and click the 'Generate Class' button.
4. Download the zip file and extract the contents to get your .cs file.
Tips / Troubleshooting
It helps to have some rows of data to attempt to determine the data type. Getting the data type is kind of a hack, as I could not find away with EPP Plus to get the column data types.
If you have a problem generating classes, create an issue here or to clone or star:
DataJuggler.Excelerate Git Hub
If you have a problem with this site, create an issue here or to clone or star:
Blazor.Excelerate Git Hub
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